Stay Gold: To Those Who Struggle with Being Themselves

As lifes cards unfold

And the world is yours to hold

Remember, above all stay Gold.


When all around is black

and the weight of the world is on your back

when your life begins to form that mold

Realize, you must stay Gold.


When all eyes are on you

lead? You don't have clue

the thought runs you black and blue

check yourself, your status you can uphold

for the world needs you to be the Gold.


Although you're a dime

and your life becomes just fine

remind yourself of this rhyme

you can not sit back and be sold

you are here on this Earth to be the Gold.


You are not the kind on sale or on loan

only the kind that can be grown

a short while on this Earth you will roam

and soon you will be a memory, like the foam

a victorious life is not lived by money or material that can be sewn

but by the fact that when all the world went hard and cold

you stood strong in your ways and always stayed Gold.


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