Stay Connected

Connected, corrected

We spend all of our time connected

Attached to the screens, gleaning

The meaning, an article directed

Affected, and deflected

Engrossed by status, misaffected


We lose what it means to be connected

Afraid of getting rejected

Heads hung below, feet with the pitter patter

As we cross paths life slow mos

But this shows just how disconnected we are


But this disconnection

This fear of rejection

This lost in translation

Lack of conversation

Chain can be broken

The barriers removed


All we have to do is look up

Look out

Remove fear, remove doubt

We all want to be connected

We are all looking for something

If we can all just #makeithappy

We'd be golden


Open yourself to challenges

Demonstrate to others what it means to be yourself

unapologetically, no judgement  from your or me

Bare naked emotion, living out and in the open

Be free, be free without permission be free

Society cannot dictate what we see

It cannot dictate who we will be

So realize that the images before your eyes

They are a reflection of a collection of fears invoked in you


Because who you are is beautiful

Who we are is beautiful

You are everything to someone

You are the change the world needs

Your connection matters, look up, look out

Speak these words to someone who needs them

We need you to login to life and logout of isolation

You are important.


Need to talk?

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