Stay Alive (for my mom and coach USAF and US Army vets)

Once you stood proud, now you're lucky if you can. Once you fought for something great, now you feel surrounded by hate. People look at you and can't decide, if they and you should feel pride. Sometimes you question it, all that sacrifice. Sometimes you hate it, the stares and the scars. Sometimes nobody can see the scars, sometimes they're consuming. Your eyes once so bright, I see them dim each day. But your scarifice wasn't in vain, your struggle for us all. You're not given a chance to rest, still struggling still fighting. Whether to it's to protect, or to just survive. Your infamous for your deeds, famous for your dedication. Your motivation is what built us. You laugh at the jokes, yet inside you want to scream. Nightmares maybe, never ending pain? But you're not alone, there are others too. You force that smile, but it doesn't touch your eyes. Just stay strong, don't let the pain inside. Don't let the light die, just stay alive.  


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