Stay Up

My head resting on your chest, I listen to your heart beat

I tilt my chin up and see you looking at me

Our eyes fall in love as our lips fall in lust

We're both holding back the words that heat the fire between us


My heart becomes a circuit for your spark of electricity

Your passionate current, pulling me in, I cant breathe

My brain kindly asks the butterflies to leave

But they are as stubborn as the truth we both refuse to see


Each time I leave your embrace, my eyes meet your gaze,

And the world stands in place

My lips crave your touch

Sweet and warm, be gentle, be rough

I want to hear the truth slip from your tounge 

But only if it's that I am the one


Some may call it chemistry, some call it meant to be

I see a whirlwind of feelings consuming me

Its fresh and its new, its a sparkling adventure

A beautiful, terrifying, extravagant gesture


And when your hand slips in mine

We breathe a synchronized sigh

Our hearts beat in time but your's is stronger than mine

The sound of your voice can tear me to pieces

Weak in the knees, heart on my sleeve

Say that you want me


Say that you want me, you want me, you need me...


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