State Of Emergency

Where there are different dimensions 

Butterfly's in the air 

Covering my soul like a blanket 

See, the stars are aligned with me 

Not against me 

You need a key to reality 

And not this bull- you call your president trump type of reality 

But the type that makes you marinate earthly and celestial beings 

In your mind, consciously

Connected to the energy you are given, did you know that you chose the body you live in? 

You don't get me do you? 

I'm trying to help you 

Together as one the universe is in need for us to open up the truth 

So work with me 

Let me be the eyes and ears to Lead you to Godspeed 

That's my duty as a star seed 

Look at me damnit 

And lemme give you the vision only a few can see 

Because of this shitty illusion you call reality 

 The human race is in doom for mortality 

Believe me my soul is ancient 

Intuned with vibrations 


To higher realms, 

I've seen this all before

It's nothing but a closed door leading to darkness and ruckus 

There's no justice 

Behind it all it's just a puppet 

The world is catered to be on a budget 

The Great Depression is sneakin up for round 2 

Cause y'all nominated a fool 

Now Let's get to the root 

You gotta pick your friends like you your pick fruit, said by the one and only miss badu 

The clues have been right in front of you 

It's your choice to open all three and be free wit reality

Slowly taking away the first amendment and demand I give my all to someone that's not dependent, not to mention 

He don't even like Mexicans 

We are all here to serve a purpose, fight for our wishes 

Like blowing out candles on a cake, we're blowing out all 50 states 

Just by making one mistake 

Y'all gave up and now we got a price to pay , Like icin on the cake 

What is race?

We only get 28 days 

You call me a slave? But stay trying to imitate 

Our black bodies are filled with sweat and hope

Now it's my time to shine for my ancestors that were left in the dirt to hurt and be broke 

Not us, not the true, you gotta remember if it wasn't for us there wouldn't be you 

Dig for the truth 

No disrespect but The bible contradicts too 

You believe in the white Jesus but not the black woman 

How do you define this being reality, all things that have been created through imagery? 

Don't get me wrong imagination is key, but only when you're one with self and it's dignity.

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Our world


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