A state

As a profession of life saving
Every vaccine is an immunity against virus
A virus of corruption and selfishness
Which grows slowly but deeply
Into the chamber of consciousness.
My poor little paracetamol
Is a heavily abused by a nations citizen
Who by all means try to quench
The worries of its countries illness
Neglecting cirrhosis alcohol is recommended

A competent leader is a physician
To a chronic illness of a dying nation
A nation that is rushed into a sickbed
For an unending bacteria of injustice
This bacteria so tiny and frail
Overcame the resistance from frail citizens
Citizens that are locked in the heavy drum
Of their intimidation
And fear of being injected with
The syringe of misfortunes
By the government policies.

Girt up your immunity now
Take in an antibiotics of self resilient and faith in your ideas
Carry out an hemisperectomy
On the part of your brain
Which controls all other anatomy
And see the laws that will
Come out through our hypothesis.

This indeed is an empty nature
Of a lengthy pictures of a deceptive promise.
In the tentative politics of today's reality.

©kennedy udofia

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