Starting a New Journey

I do not believe that you are gone

I can not believe that you have left me,

As I sit in this chair and I think of what life

has ahead of me,

I see black

I see doom

where once I saw color

where once I saw hope

without you I feel so alone

I have few to converse with and

none that understand.

What good have you done for me?

Literature, Politics, Art

now that you're gone

I am forced to face this fact

I know nothing of how to survive

What gifts can I claim now?

Language, Music, Debate.  

As I sit in this filth and think

If I had died in your place;

but nature has a preference for a particular order   


Order and Rules and Regulations

Pain and Hurt and Death

War had brought these to me on a silver platter

I can see all this affliction and wonder is even

worth it to see

There's plenty I wish I’d never seen

Cadavers and Blood and Falling

till even when I close my eyes that's all I see

What I once believed to be true now I turn away from

maybe he was right

a mans spirit may be torn apart and cease and

yet his body may keep on living

But I cannot forget the one I love,

I cannot stay here any longer

I must leave before death can take me yonder  


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