Start Again, I Am...Scholarship Slam

Nobody knows my name,

And nobody knows my smile,

I'm feeling like I'm all alone,

at least for a little while.


I've moved away from all I knew,

thought it was the end,

then took a closer look at my life,

and decided to start again.


I've pushed myself through classes,

attending four different schools at once,

at times I feel like giving up,

but I force myself not to run.


There's times when nobody's on my side,

and the world is crashing down,

but I have my family to support me,

to keep me safe and sound.


I love games with logic,

facts and percents,

and if something doesn't add up,

I'll just start again.


I can push through the military training,

to uphold the law of the land,

and if my martial arts training isn't enough,

the least I can do is offer my hand.


I don't care if words are poison,

a tolerance has been built,

if I see another infected,

just standing by is like walking on stilts.


There's plenty of time to figure out,

the what where how and when,

I can't say exactly who I want to be,

but if I'm not happy I'll start again.

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