The Stars That Matter - EJ

Do you ever look up at the dark, night sky?
The calmness through the night,
Seeing those lively stars,

Having the moon as the only light.
Just gazing in amazement of the mystery,
Wondering what these stars have seen, the history.
Maybe it reminds you of that special one’s eyes,
Or the number of times you’ve heard lies.
Could be the good showing you light when dark,
Or is it a way humanity will leave it’s mark.
Stars are for enjoying,
To peer our later life.
Some of us are born to have fun,
Others to strife.
The stars we see,
They might’ve died years ago.
What keeps us going?
Is it to earn our halo?
The stars show a certain significance,
What does it mean to you, their existence?
To me it gives hope,
Showing there’s always light when dark.
Giving humanity that word, what is it?
Oh, optimism, a spark.
There’s one for every person who left me by myself,
ALone is never the inevitable.
Being there is what these stars have done for me,
The significance they’ve shown me is unforgettable.
Take the life of these stars to your use and believe what you must,
But the main thing I’ve put into these stars, is my trust.
Don’t forget about the small things that can leave the quickest,
Don’t take these things for granted, at least show some interest.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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