Stars in the Light.

In the midst of great fury
and in the trials of lost game 
we find ourselves hopeless, 
lost and shamed. 
It is within this great battle 
we seek to fight 
to surrender our sins 
and soar above the light.
We must keep in mind that life is full
It is pleasant and lively and dangerous too
It is a flower blooming in the boiling sun 
and a greasy pig rolling in the sticky mud 
It is happy and innocent and smiles and all
It is a grand leap into the great risky fall.
Scout the goodness in what you are given
For you're hands are made to hold the smitten.
The fire is your path, it cracks and burns 
It wishes you well and offers no return 
Look to it and fall to it 
Embrace the ember and swallow the glory.
The world is your stage 
The people; you're audience,
Life; your director 
And you; the cast. 
Make everything a wonder 
Let the stars shine upon you're grace
Allow the birds to sing your name 
Grant the Heavens to praise 
It is all for you and what a happy day you've made it
To turn the dark waters into shallow blissful sand
To bend and fold and allow you're senses to roam
To learn the recipe to happiness and forget the mad. 
It is a tale of you're own and a treasure to the heart
For all things awesome come to us and part. 
This poem is about: 
Our world


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