Stars In Her Eyes


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Please, do not mistake my careful acquiesce for a lack of will.

As nice of a girl as I may be, I am not weak.

My backbone is strong enough to carry the weight of the solar system.

And although I may be pretty as a flower, please do not mistake my femininity for fragility;

I will not be bent to snap under pressure.

I do not exist to brighten your day and grow tired as I may I will not wilt or fall away.

Pieces of me drop occasionally

Float to the ground like the hair you cut raggedly

Because he told you that you were beautiful with it and if you can’t have him

There is no reason to be beautiful anymore.

I am here to tell you that beauty is a construct

That you shouldn’t be looking for someone who loves your in spite of your personality,

but for someone who loves you because of it.

You are so much more than a fading ray of sunlight

Or falling leaves swaying in an autumn breeze.

You are a towering skyscraper.

All steel and glass, hard surfaces but smile at you and you will reflect it back.

Tall enough to scrape the stardust from satellites as they float past.

Kindness can be found in the cruelest of places,

Look hard enough and you’ll see everyone is just wanting to get by.

We are all trying to make it in a world that says we can’t,

but with each exchanged glance

we support each others attempts to move on.

Flickered smiles to remind each other that we’re only human.

That as close as we may get to the heavens we can never be Gods.

The fatal flaw that is humanity makes us beautiful.

Beauty for ourselves, to remind us every morning when we wake up that we are worth it.

That we deserve the world on a golden platter, and if we expect anything less then that is what we will receive.

Search for the worlds that live in peoples eyes,

Watch them light up and die

Day after day as black holes decide to swallow up fate.

Be a force for good.

You were taught to be a supernova that wipes away all memory of unhappiness.

But see, the novas themselves are unhappy.

They burn bright and explode in order to give others the chance to be stars.

By the time we see them shining, they have already become dust.

Fallen to earth in the hopes of reclaiming some sort of glory

They reincarnate into people who burn with purpose,

Shine with the hope of seeing the moon again.

Hang them in the sky and make them your sunshine.

Tell them they were born to burn bright,

Recognize their worth before they lose their light.

One day the sun will stop shining,

The world will stop turning,

But that day is not today,

And there’s no reason to stop yearning for change.

Be the light that guides,

The moon on a shadowy night,

Or a small streetlight shining in a bedroom window to remind a little girl that there is life outside those four walls,

And no matter how small, she can conquer it all.

The cross that is hung upon the wall

Is not hers to bear alone.

And the words carved into her throne will remind her of Lucifer;

Because even the most beautiful angels can fall.

Make her promise not to sell her soul for someone who won’t give her a second glance

People don’t always deserve a second chance

Let her wear her heart on her sleeve

But let that sleeve be made out of meteors ,

Strong as the rocks that redefine the way planets align ,

So she is always able to fight off anyone who would harm her.

Give her power, but teach her what it means.

Monster’s aren’t born, they’re made.

They are the weeds that grow up to choke our hearts

They are the massive storms that wipe out galaxies in a gust of wind.

Although we can board up windows and doors,

there is not much we can do to fight back.

Yell loud enough that you can be heard through the strongest hurricane.

Let your footsteps be confused with earthquakes

and your voice with thunder.

As nice of a girl as I may be,

I remain to exist for me.

I pick and choose words carefully,

But that never means I don’t know how to speak up.

My voice calls out so loud it can be heard in the Milky War

It ricochets off stars and cascades back to earth like a flaming asteroid.

I may be a nice girl,

but I can move mountains with a hitch of my eyebrow,

I can defeat armies with a swing of my hips,

And rule nations with a purse of my lips.

Just because I say please

Does not mean

That I lack strength;

I have stolen the stars from the skies,

To place them in my eyes,

So that no matter where I go,

Heaven is always in view.

My shoes are laced with harsh criticism and regrets

So that I never let myself be carried away with false pride.

I do not want to wash up on shore like the tide,

struggling to decide,

where is home and how far from it to go.

Indecision is the enemy,

and I am a prize fighter.

Fists that fly like fireworks,

and a mouth that speaks storms;

My heartbeat sounds out obscenities

As blood boils in my veins

To a bookmarked epitaph I refrain

I may very well not be so nice of a girl.

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