Millions of years ago

And millions of years from now

We will be looking at the same stars in the same sky

Thinking the same thoughts our ancestors thought


Through the bright twinkle in the sky

I am reminded or your eyes

And the dark back drop I am reminded

Of your shadow intertwined with mine


The dark cascade of night  

With the pin pricks of hope remind me

That life has not existed for long

But the stars in the sky and the ones in your eyes must be one


They’re burning balls of gas

Science has summed these beautiful creations

To something so trivial

How mundane are flaming balls of gas compared to the light that brightens lives


These stars that I have stared at night after night

From dusk until dawn

The same ones you laid eyes upon

And thought of me


The stars now sit

In mockery of what once was

The beauty and life in a single star

Millions of light years away


Like the look in your eyes

When you glanced at me today… 

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