They make you feel close,

No matter how far,

There beauty is a good dose.


Looking at them,

Shinnin' above,

Don't you feel it?

Feel the love?


Stars twinkle,

They shine bright,

They are a wrinkle,

They are the light.


Stars lead,

Stars dance,

You will plead,

For a chance.


To touch,

To feel,

Wantin' much,

To feel real.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



Thanks you guy for supporting my poems!!!

If you read them anyway!!!

This is the fourth poem.

Hope you love it 'cause I love you!!!

I will update my nest poem in a little.





Make sure to keep expressing yourself and sharing your poems.

Comment and tell me a poem that you guys want me to read or

a theme for a poem you want me to write about.BYE BYE!!



If i sound snooty when I write, I am very sorry. I am not like that at all. I just

am happy that I can finally hare my poems without being called a nerd.

I mean, there is nothing bad with being called a nerd, I just don't like when people 

that I do not know call me a nerd. It gets on my nerves like fudge. Sorry for droneing 

on. I am going to update very soon. Love ya!!!

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