A Starry Night

Upon a night with starry sky

A spring-winter mist that flutters by

Young crickets chirp a tune so deep

Since the birds have now all gone to sleep


'Neath a tree so draped with vine

Faeries dance a waltz sublime

A pool not far, cattails swing about

Silverfish schools swim a nautical route


The pond a mirror

The moon it reflects

Yet in the sky, there's a different effect


Gaze up and Oh! --a beautious moon!

So fair it glows, an illuminated lagoon

The moon a mother, her children sprinkle the sky

The stars shine bright, the night's twinkling eyes


On nights like this,

So far the galaxies show

If you look hard you may find,

Spiral arms dancing in snow


It is on these nights when the breeze blows sweet

And the moon shines a glamorous hue

That nostalgia comes upon me as I stare into the sky

Dreaming, Longing For You

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