Starlit Moonlight

The paths converge with the hint of dew

And the vines form a dancer’s ribbon.

The dusk arrives late this time,

But its purpose remains the same.


And so begins her starlit story.

The miracles of life lie unborn.

Time ceases its everyday duty.

The stage is set for her night.


Rise and let loose the pianoforte guitar.

Underneath heaven’s sparkled gaze,

The dance is done with the utmost of grace.

Stars give way to arcane performance.



Like wings, arms and legs soar skyward.

Like sleep, eyes close to savor the moment.

Like the sun, the dance warms all hearts.

Like the moon, nature beckons to her will.


Even if the sun were to sleep

And the sky to blacken,

And the clouds to hide the moon,

The dance will give way to light.


Were we meant to be born

To watch one match nature’s glory?

Was life leading to a climax

Where we watch a dancer’s story?


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