Starlit Love


Starlit Love


The lump of laughter sits soundlessly

Caught up within my throat

The atmosphere feels so alive

Filled with my heartsong’s note

On this night the world’s aglow

The air feels extra warm

The stars are twinkling merrily

He and I are alone

Dancing to our secret tune

In the middle of this field

Never before has My Love felt

So close… so real

My gaze pointing heavenward

My arms stretched open wide

Feeling so perfect, here with Him

The Apple of His Eye

My smile’s not just a smile

It’s so much more than that

And He, My God, my One True Love

Hears the praise within my laugh

For in this moment, twirling

Under His canopy of stars,

I have fallen more in love

With the Maker of my heart

  -Melissa Lynne Moody




             I began thinking about camp this summer when I felt really close with God. I went beside one of the buildings, on top of this delightful hill. I looked up and just… the stars! Oh, they were beautiful. This summer at camp, I really fell in love with the stars…            And while I was up there, I had a truly intimate moment with God, where He was… so there. And I couldn’t stop smiling. There weren’t, and aren’t, words to express the joy I felt, being in His Presence like that.            It was true joy.

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