Starless Sky

The sky is eerily starless tonight

And it is like the universe senses that I am not ready to see the stars 

Hidden in the darkness

I am waiting for the clock to strike twelve

And for you to admit that you were wrong

And the knife that you so brutally plunged into my heart

Was really just a manifestion of your own insecurties

I know you may be hurting

But I also know that you were so eager to hurt me

And you knew my weaknesses and my vulnerabilites 

More than I knew them myself

And you took great joy exposing them into a gaping wound

That may never fully close

So I shall nurse my tea

Wishing that it was vodka

And I shall smoke my cigarette

Wishing that it would consume me

All the while hoping your soul has found peace

In the midst of your starless sky 


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