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How can you so callously 
Strip our lives away
Does the color of our skin 
Make you think we feel no pain
When we riot in the streets
For our brothers who've been slain
Why are you now the victim 

How can justice so flippantly be denied 
When beside you 
We have gone to war, fought, and died
And built this country
With hands behind our backs tied
In shackles that you gave us

Has not the same
God made us
Yet you remain shameless 
Eyes cold in apathy 
You count yourself blameless 
Hand on the bible 
Yet your actions are heinous 

You lay us out
In cold blood
Both Hands up 
But you "stood your ground”
There is no "safe and sound” for us

When fearfully we evade 
Your gaze filled with hatred 
Bullets punctuating 
The anthem of this nation

Sirens sound in the background 
Of our imagination
Pacing , heart racing 
In the land of the free

It’s nice to finally know 
That it doesn’t include me.


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