Star That Didn't get it's SHINE


Are you the person who seats in the back of the class and when someone calls on you 

everyone looks back and ask whose that 

you stay quiet when someone speaks to you and all you do is smile 

why are you so "shy" 

are you afraid of being made fun of or just you're not that social butterfly 

Or your just afraid of being noticed and at school theirs nothing different

Just take everything day by day

just wishing someone or something will change

you feel when people laugh

you think there laughing at you

so you question yourself thinking if you're worth anyones time to even want to be friends with 

you feel so caved in not knowing what to do 

and when you try to at least start a little conversation it seems no one cares 

That your so unsure that you can't tell if someone cares for you and doesn't

You push away everyone only because you want them closer 

to afraid to face your tears 

"but take risks ,makes mistakes,get messy"

because you will never know into you try 

instead of feelings sorry for yourself do something about it 

if you stop hiding you can definitely find your happiness 

Don't be a loner because theirs no other way  

you make the chose no one else 


because you matter to someone especially to me 

So get your glow back!!



To the readers who read this poem .Definitely  know that your never alone. When you try and might not succeed the first time or maybe even the third but if you don't give up  there will be that glow to you star again. So break out that shell and you will see what that will bring you. Enjoy the poem and I'm always her to listen and be a friend


Nice poem!!! The person you were talking about and describing used to be me. It wasn't until I finally broke out of my shell that I found my spirit release a "glow" of friendship, love, and joy. Love your writing style and thanks for commenting on my poems. It really did make my day. God bless you and keep writing on my friend:)!!!


Thank you so much . And shine bright with your glow . Just be you .So happy to hear you broke out that shell !!!!!!! Enjoy your comments brings me alot of smile. Thanks new friend haha . Keep up the good work. And I am excited to read more of your poems !!! GOD BLESS

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

when you see that star

it shines

for every failure, there's success

for every ups, there's down

it's about resilience, never give up and go after what you deserve

well said

check out my other poems


Definitely will read your poetry!!!

MVP-Most Valuable Poet


i humbly appreciate it


No problem :)


I really do like this poem! I heard your poems before amd this one is inspiring


Thanks you so muchhhhhhhh haha heyyyyyy kimboooo.. i hope to see your poetry on this so I can support you like you have to me!!!


True this is alot of people who feel as if they dont have no voice to speak but intel u speak no body will no but true theres alot of people who feel that way. NICE!


Thank you I'm just speaking up for people who might not speak for themselves . Thank you .I enjoy speaking on stuff i see everyday in school.

Mafi Grey

That was kinda me in middle school, but I like this one too. It shows similarities that other people can relate to or who knows a person like that. Shyness is a expression too, its the layer covering your talent that is still developing.


I never been a shy person but some of my friends were shy and as we became closer they broke out of that shell. Just need some encouraging and confidence and you can over come anything

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