The Star Beyond My Sight


United States
34° 56' 14.01" N, 84° 45' 46.4076" W
United States
34° 56' 14.01" N, 84° 45' 46.4076" W

As I gaze into the jeweled night

On a long and level beach

I stretch my fingers to the stars

That lie beyond my reach.

And I feel the sand around me,

How it races through my hand,

With a quickness that’s unyielding

That the hopeless understand.

Then the foam that presses softly

Seems to beckon to the sea

And the waves still keep on talking

Like they’re calling out to me.

It’s the gentle touch of water

That’s both welcoming and shy

And the moon upon the ocean

As the sea reflects the sky,

Still I reach my hand to heaven

As the tide flirts with the coast

Always giving what is needed

But not what is wanted most.

As my eyes behold the shadow

With the lights all interspersed

And that magic which creates them,

By the same spell am I cursed.

Though the stars are truly many

Not all stars were meant for me

As I gaze into the darkness

Of a truth I cannot flee;

For, what stars are to me suited

Are too distant for my touch

Though I may extend my fingers

All that effort means not much--

But, what if a flying comet

That I saw from far away

Comes to fall in my direction

And decides it wants to stay?

Then our hearts would play a concert

That’s the symphony of love

All because she left her birthplace

In the heavens high above…

But the waves command my presence

As the tide begins to rise

And the sun begins to warm the dark

With peach and purple skies.

As I stand and shake the sand off,

Like the day dusts off the night,

I must turn my eyes from heaven,

From the star beyond my sight.


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