The story of a star

Begins with the night 

As the world is blanketed and out of sight 

Some stay awake

Others count sheep

And there is always a little one who cannot sleep 

So they slip off their blankets 

And crawl out of bed 

A million thoughts fill their head 

They look out their window

And up to the sky

Just as a shooting star flies by

It is beautiful 

It is bright 

The first star they see tonight 

They look at it in wonder 

The perfect wish is what they ponder 

They close their eyes 

And whisper softly 

Star, let me sleep calmly

Please, no bad dreams 

Or monsters under my bed 

Protect me, as I lay down my sleepy head 

I wish for sweet dreams all night long 

Snuggled in my bed is where I belong 

This poem is about: 
My family


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