Whenever I get sad,

After the day has ended,

Before the Sun rises,

As I prepare myself for tomorrow,

I look at the Moon and the Stars.


It is fearful to think

about where I will be

ten years from now.

It is arduous to visualize

A Life without worries.

And as I approach my room to finally rest,

I turn toward the Night Sky

and stare at the brightest most Incandescent light above


I ask myself what that Star might feel

So many wish upon it

So many cry before it

So many hope upon it

So many fear before it

I ask myself if I too should.


It is impossible to ignore

what this world has come to.

It is of the most beautiful to imagine

A better ending to it all.

And once again I find myself

asking how that Star feels.


The Star glistens as if in wonder

At my amusement for it.

Its mystery I contemplate

And its power I respect.

For it has endured so much

For centuries it has watched this Earth

As if itself hoping that the world will someday change.                                                                    


It never leaves, but always remains.

It never judges, but only listens.

It never speaks, but I know it hears.

It always shines, even if times are dark.

It always gives hope, even to those who don’t want it.

It always is near, even if it is light years away.

The Star cannot grant wishes, but can only guide.


It is clear that not all is bright in the world

It is obvious that not all is dark in the world

And I wonder where I will reside.

At such a young age,

Who knows where I’ll end up.

So for one last time,

I gaze up at the Star.


“I want riches

I want money

I want fame

Although there is much that I want

Star, you know what I Need”


So I ask of you,

“Please I hope for a good life

I hope for an education

I hope for good health and a family someday

For a career and good pay so to never know hunger

For the wisdom that I know I’ll need

Because at Seventeen there is so much I’ve yet to learn

Please, I beg of you, Help me find my place in this World.”


With tears in my eyes, I step back

Wishing for the first time in a long time

Made me realize how fragile

and how strong people are.

With a smile on my face,

I step up And glorify the

Magnificence of that Wonderful Star

How Majestic and Regal it is.


When I stare at the Star now,

As I look closely,

Before it vanishes,

While I make my last wish and hope for the best,

I imagine myself being my own Star someday.

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