Standing in a Sea of Dreams

The land of the free
Oh, the possibilities that there could be
Free to exist as our true selves
Whether in religion or thought
That is was at least what I was taught

Yet, Here I Stand
Here in this diverse and prosperous land
Branded by the colour of my skin
Seen as a threat as well as the rest of my kin

Talk of building a towering wall
A wall that will stand strong and tall
To keep those of my likeness away
I never thought that I’d see the day
And although struck with shock, here I stay

I wade here amongst a sea of immigrants
All with stories similar to my own
All swimming to pursue their dreams

Why are certain fish allowed to dream?
Are we all not part of the same sea?
Did we all not come from afar?
Seeking fame, fortune, safety, or the right to dream?

Searching for security or opportunity with stars in our eyes?
Could this have just been a bunch of lies?
A story too good to be true?
As we lie stranded here in the endless blue.

And Yet, here I stand
In the land of the free
In the home of the brave
In the land that houses those brave enough to make the journey
In the home that boasts unlimited opportunity

With Courage, I stand
To excel in this Mighty, but wilting land
To dream as big as the open sea
To show that this life was meant to be

With Rigor, I stand
To show future generations the fruits of my labor
That the same fruit picked with blistered fingers
Can produce an orchard of unrestrained aspirations

Here I Stand
To build on a history of Blood, Sweat, and Tears
To relinquish all my fears
To prove I am more than a shade
To prove I am no rapist; no criminal will mal-intent
To prove the value of what is being turned away

Oh America, don’t be lead astray
Please don’t turn away from the dark, poor, or gay
Please Don’t turn off your bright bright light
Please, please show me that I’m right

That you still believe in opening your mighty arm
To protect those escaping harm
To allow us all the ability to dream

Oh America, you can dream with me
Of days where colour is nothing more than something on a paint palette
Of days where religion and sexuality are nothing more than a preference
Of days where nationality is nothing more than a conversation starter

Oh America, come dream with me
Of the day where we can all stand tall together
Mightier than any wall
Built on different ideologies and goals

Oh America, please hear my plea
For I hope one day
We Will Stand Together and Dream

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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