Standing Out, But For Better or For Worse?


To be alone in this world is not as bad as feeling alone surrounded by the population;
They look at me like I'm some kind of abomination;
It seems that everyone has their lives in order, except this one individual;
Even if some think I'm thriving with potential;
The negatives sting like a piercing blade;
Deep down I'm scared, I feel I'm about to fade;
I feel so neglected from everyone, including Jesus;
But I hide the pain just to keep it a secret;
Fear of rejection, fear of changing;
I hope you understand from the note I'm making;
I'm stuck in my mind, locked up like a prison;
I'll do my best to succeed, to finish lifes mission;



I love this. I can relate in so many ways.


Thank you.That actually means a lot to me.

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