Standing Out

I'm not really that ordinary,
I'd like to think extraordinary,
but that might be going
just a bit too far.
No matter what I say, though,
I know the way I want to go,
and that more than anything
I don't want to blend in.
I'm different, I'm unique,
always thinking on my feet,
standing up for my beliefs
so that I may stand out,
out from the crowd.
No need to speak so loud.
Actions speak louder than words,
after all.
I won't be just another face
in this world of endless people.
I want to be me,
not someone else.
I will not conform,
I will not give in,
I will always only just simply be myself.
And no one can convince me to do otherwise.
They'd be wasting their time,
and worse, they'd waste mine.
I certainly won't spend a dime
to be something I'm not.
And they should know that now,
not later.
I am standing out from the normal,
the ordinary,
the boring.
I am standing out to take control 
of my life and of my world.
I am standing out,
and I'll never look back.


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