Standing in the Gap

Storms come and storms go

Where do I stand between the rain and the ground?

Am I the barrier that prevents the grass from receiving nourishment?

Or am I the barrier that prevents the rain from helping a fellow nature element?

When I speak, the thunder rolls

The rolling tide of thunder so great, it makes the hearts of loved ones shake

It makes people listen

It makes the world want to hear me give words of truth

I stand in the gap as if I were Isaiah

And I tell God, "Here am I. Send me."

Send me to do your bidding

Send me to lift the world from its knees

Send me to save the ears of the innocent from lying politicians

Send me to retrieve others from the depths of their sin

Send me to save myself from the skin I'm in

For the flesh is weak, but the spirit is willing

And when I rise up, I know I'll make a killing

My words are not violent, but they are just as strong

Mine enemies will fall to me from one single word, "Jesus"

When I say the name of Jesus, the demons will tremble

There will be tremors in the ground

And their worlds will crack at the weight of their failure

They bring the lightning, but I bring the thunder

Just as rival pirates, we fight for plunder

Silver and gold, two precious treasures

But the amount of either one we have is not what God measures

God measures the heart and it's goodness

God measures the heart to see if His Son is in it

The world constantly changes and drifts

Society is a boat of sailors lost at sea

Society is a lone grass in the desert

Society is a fallen tree in a jungle of standing trees

Society has drifted...

The storms hit and people remained weak

They forgot God and never read the Bible any day of the week

Their clothes were tattered and they complained about not being on fleek

People resorted to alcoholism

Drinking themselves into a alcoholic prison

People resorted to sexual immorality

Passionate sex isn't enough, so masochism makes up for it in totality

People resort to drugs

Crack will crack the minds of those who think that crack will save them from the crack of Hell they're in

People resort to murder

Death caused by hatred, love, and lust, which lead to fatal attractions

Now should I stay between the grass and rain?

Or should I move to ease the world's pain?


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Our world
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