Standing Alone


United States
41° 41' 2.76" N, 86° 13' 51.9384" W

Though you may be young,
you're still strong enough to withstand so much.
Nowadays young mothers get so much critic.
Not just all single mothers, but mostly black single mothers.
It seems that those who do a good job, don't even receive a 'Congratulations'.
So, to all those younger mothers and
single mothers,
I would like to say: 'Congratulations!'
Though you may receive so much critic,
you continue to look forward.
Having the odds against you and finding a way to say. . . .
Well, in an 'appropriate' manner:
'F*** the odds.'
To prove to those that you can do it.
That your child isn't just from the ghetto, but that they are also
intelligent and will be somebody.
You refuse to let your child get caught up in the wrong crowd,
to be abused in any way,
to end up in jail,
or even become JUST some statistic.
You may be standing alone,
but all we need is one person to change how single mothers are viewed.
And it will be that one mother, who must be congratulated for her independence.


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