Stand In Your Truth

Funny how paradoxical the world is.

Humans selling their souls for a dollar.

Making profit off of pain and while their coins add up, so does their shame.

But who’s really to blame?

As we point the finger we have three pointing back.

We say “society this” and “society that”

But society is us blaming each other for how we act.

We want change but are too afraid to make it.

Want justice, but we’’re too scared to take it.

A group of followers following the leader who, in his mind, has already been defeated 

None of us know what were doing.

Looking for ways to be proven, proving ourselves to others when in fact they’re just as clueless as we are 

Trying to impress people

Paying for logos and tags

Deceiving your mind with compliments as they talk behind your back

What good does it do?

To abandon your true self for a name, a reputation too heavy to be upheld

 Lies and manipulation

Hide your eyes behind a mask

So they can’t see into your soul

And identify with your past.

But that’s the secret.

We tuck away our hurt, hide our dirt so they won’t know

That once you were lost, and didn’t know where to go

Little did you know, we all have things we hide

So allow yourself to be human, put aside your pride.

Embrace your humane, get in touch with your feelings.

Let your guard down so you can begin the real healing.

You can’t keep running from the pain, the truth is it never ends.

And the only way you will ever stand out, is if you stand in.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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