Stand your ground,It's

Stand your ground,

It's the law they found

To consider a man innocent

Who killed a child,

Took away his life, his innocence,

Clearly the evidence was fraudulent


That’s the world we live in

Where being black is like a new sin,

Should I ask for an AMEN!?

We came as slaves

It was either that or the grave,

An to the actors who took the stand

How much did you get paid?

Did your check come with a Grammy?

How could you deny the boy’s family?

Of justice,

That’s all they really wanted,

Or maybe just there kid back

Cowards got no idea what it’s like to live in America and be black,

As for zimmerman he got lucky

Or maybe he didn’t

He gone be a man outta prison

Serving a life sentence

No forgiveness,

No even from God

Who’s always a consistent witness

I pray for you TRAY,

Your life is truly missed

Families forced to reminisce

I’m pissed…

First it was Emmitt Till

Show me the appeal

Ill rip it into pieces

Flush it right with my feces,

Enough is enough

When will the heavens lift us up?

Really a child was killed

A man, he made no deal

Cause really the law they found is called

Stand your ground…..smh




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