Stand Up Taller


When I was born,

the screams and horrors in

my little old house

caused my mother

to cry every night.


I grew up around 

fights with knives

and constant threats and arguing

that made delicate hearts s h a t t e r

and young ears b l e e d.


And so,

I live to help others

to make sure that they live in the greater good

away from the horrors that may arise.


I work to be successful 

to make sure I do not become

the evil that I grew up in.


Most people think

that I come from this

lavish, spoiled household -

that my life is all-around




everyone judges you so immediately.

They reach assumptions so quickly

that soon their judgments are spilled from their lips

faster than they realize what they're saying.


I grew up in this

hurricane of a house

with paint peeling off the siding

with tension arising as you step through the door.



this house has made me see

who I do not want to become.


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