Stand Up & Speak Out


This silence is unacceptable. It's almost like you're scared. Instead of talking about the issues, you close your eyes and pretend they aren't there. Blind to the issues by choice,forgetting the fact that you have a voice. Use it or lose it, which would you rather do? The issues aren't going anywhere,that much is true. They'll be there when you're sleeping, and they'll be there when you're awake. They'll be here forever, so speak up for your own sake.

Silince,ok so that's how you fight? Well last time i checked silence didn't get us equal rights. Granted there were a few that were silent by choice,but the ones that made the biggest difference were the ones that used their voice. So now its up to you. You alone have the choice. Will you continue to suffer in silence? Or will you finally stand up and use your voice



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