Stand by Me


I must wash away the innocence, 

Shoot the scared in the skull.

I've been built by bullied words.

I continue to be constructed into a creature,

A puppet of perfect plastic.

I will ride the rebellion.

Parental power is a pathetic.

Just because I have a girlfriend

Gives them no right for hostility.

I asked anxiously for acceptance.

Only for their God damn approval.

They make it seem like I pleaded for more.

Stop calling me crazy and secular.

Stop telling me I'm heading to hell.

Will you really condemn me with counterfeit coruption?

I am your daughter!

Let me live with love!

My sexuality is not a slutty sin.

You are hurting my heart.

Stop making me into a monster.

Stop feeling like I'm a fucking failure.

You cannot force my fidelity on a man.

I crave commitment from my constant.

Mother you have wrecked your right to be my constant.

My girl grants me grace.

Mother, are you pissed yet?

Things can't always go your way.

You can't control my character.

My parents have produced my pique.

I am astronomically angry.

Why the hell are you so cruel to what's different?

I attempted everything and anything just to adjust your attitude.

Stop blaming me for baloney bullshit.

Why do you presume I have a problem?

 What's different to you is a damn disaster.

I am finished with your inflexible faith.

Do you hear me?

I am fucking done with your drivel.

Leave me alone. 

I do not want to listen to another lie. 

All my life I have been amiss according to you.

How can harm your own child?

Do you even realize you are?

Good Lord open your eyes!

Give me veracity!

How can there be respect without recognition?

I am hopelessly devoted to my heart's other half.

How dare you try to take that away from me!

How dare you devastate my damn existence.

I love her.

Oh! Does that upset you?

Well that's too bad.

Stop being blind bastards.

My happiness has never been higher

Than the moment I met my love.

You retain no right to render me unhappy.

Your unbroken belief is brutal.

I will not stop loving her for your satifaction.

For once this is my occasion to stomp on your overworked ego.

Shouldn't kids feel kindness from their parents?

Isn't there some way to create a compromise?

Children should be cherished for their differences.

Can you allow me this ardor?

Support me, love me, and please don't leave me.

Guide me to the close of this compromise!

I am begging you to believe in me.

I long for your love.

Grant me your guardianship.

Present to me your protection.

I want bliss from your blessing.

I thirst for the truth.

Let me live as I am with you on my side.

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