Stand up to animal cruelty.

I’ve always wondered why we treat animals like soulless beings,

But I’ve come to realize that we are heartless and have no feelings.


We always pretend that we want to make the world a better place,

But give a blind eye to the problems the animals face.

We always pretend that we are pitiful,

But kill the animals we “Think” are harmful.

We always pretend that we care,

But millions of animals are abused and we think that we are being fair.

We always pretend we are against animal cruelty and want the animals to be reached,

But we never ever practice what we preach


All in the name of being the smartest creatures alive.

but what does that even mean if we can’t put that mentality aside

and actually do some real  work cuz if u ask me, we haven’t even tried.


Because animals can’t speak up for themselves

That doesn’t mean they can’t be fed up of being treated like slaves.


6 to 8 million animals are abandoned, lost or abused,

It will cost us nothing to help but instead they are beat and bruised.


Animals need someone to stand up for them and raise their voice,

Do that not because you are forced to, but by choice and see how the world would smile and rejoice.


Stand up to animal cruelty and raise your voice.

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