To Stand Alone

They tell me to be different

To stand up for what’s right

But they never deem to visit

While I cry through the night


So when I see the tell-tale signs that friends have lost their way

I stand apart

I refuse to bow

I will not give in

I will not allow

To see them win, to give up, walk away at the end of the day


They tell me “it’s ok”

If I’m not popular or cool

But I never see them there

When I’m feeling like a fool


So I’ll walk my own path and take my own road no matter what I hear

I walk proud

I walk tall

I run and leap

But I’ll fall, lose my footing, feel my heart burst because of fear


They tell me “it’s nothing”

The pressure’s in your head

But I’ve never felt that way

When I’ve wished to be dead


So when the pain and lies and heart break burn my eyes

I will cry

I will break

I will fail

I will ache to know the pain renews with each sunrise


In the end, I stand alone

Forgotten and beaten

Each night I fear

“That’s how it’ll be”

If I try to stand alone

If I try to be me


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