Stand Up

Those who have always stood by,Have never stood up.Head down.Arms crossed.Stay safe,Stay alive.When they heard the cries they stepped aside.“It’s not my place”This is how they justified.Head down. Arms crossed.Stay safe,Stay alive.When they saw the heinous struggle,They closed their eyes.“It’s not my place”This is how they justified.Head down.Arms crossed.Stay safe,Stay alive.When a child, covered in blood and tears, looked at them in hopes they’d hear, in hopes they’d help, or maybe even try,They stomped away with a blank face.“It’s not my place”This is how they justified.When they horrendous hands reached for them, and it was their cries, their struggle, their blood and their tears,They looked around and what they sawArms crossed.Head down.Stay safe,Stay alive. Those who have never stood up, will wish they hadn’t stood by.

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