I am white and I am privileged

It is disrespectful to deny that relevant fact

Because when I walk to the store to buy candy

I don't worry for my life

Because when I see a police car drive by

I'm not stopped and questioned in the street for no reason

Because when I watch television and see an innocent man in the next city over

Tortured, helpless, dead

I do not think, "wow, that could have been me."


He is black and he is oppressed

It is disrespectful to deny the relevance of his oppression

It is disrespectful to speak the words, "all lives matter"

Because the so-called "protectors" of our cities do not believe his life mattered

It is disrespectful to ignore the deaths of these innocent people

Because ignoring these situations puts you on the side of the oppressor

It is disrespectful to pretend not to notice that our police force has killed

Ten times more people during the Ferguson riots

Than Germany's police force has killed in the past three years.


I will stand up for him

Because he couldn't.


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My country


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