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Who are you to speak about freedom, justice and equality
when all you've done is dug your hole deeper to insanity
you've done wrong and you've known it but you fail to accept it
The fact that you've lied is worse than the penalty
Your concious is full of doubts and regrets
your uncertanties have driven you in a debt
of good deeds and humbleness
deriving you from freedon yourself
you're hanging on a cliff and it's about to let you go
free yourself before you see it's too late don't say no
The truth shall set you free as said by Martin luther king
A slave himslef of the unjustness of humanity
We all are victims of this stereotypical generation
where crticism is learned at every stage in life
Every race and tradition is judged in comparison to our own
Being ethnocentric is so ego
We seperate each other instead of standing together as one.
And making a change
opening minds and hearts
to see how beautiful we actually are
So stand out and help out
those who need it yet do not seek it
because we are all equal

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