Stagnation of Education



We have ceased the pursuit of knowledge

In turn clipping the wings of imagination

And violently stunting the growth of creativity

We have given in to the monotonous drawl

In turn casting our gaze towards upcoming exams

And invoking a slow pain that eats at one’s conscience

For we now lose ourselves in the doldrums of our learning

For we now embrace the percentages and forego free thought

We have created a vicious system

In turn eradicating the joy of thinking

And stomping out the specific interests that each of us so undeniably develops

We have hope if we break from our current path

In turn encouraging passion for knowledge

And allowing our curiosity to percolate throughout our minds

For a stale mental penitentiary will not quench the thirst of a million students

For there must be an outlet for the spark that inhabits each of us




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