The Stages of Heartbreak


  1. you ripped cupid's arrow clean out of my heart.
  2. i'm still bleeding.
  3. you infected my wounds with words like "hopeless romantic" which i took for "i never felt the same" and "our love was a lie".
  4. you erased the future i had drawn leaving it blank,
  5. i guess that's what you get for writing in chalk.
  6. time heals all wounds, but what if they're still open?
  7. i still dream about you
  8. i feel pathetic
  9. i am pathetic
  10. i'm sorry



This is pretty heart wrenching. The numbers are perfect and help convey the desperation of the words. 

The PaLadin

Great analogy. Love is life. This is as real as you can get. Everyday-life, but not EVERY day.

Midnight Symphony

I feel the same way

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