Stage of Life

For me,

Life is a stage.

The show never ending.

The curtain closes only at the end

When nothing else is left to show.


Lights shift as the scene changes,

Different backdrops,

Different places.


Some scenes play





The everyday, same old life,

School, job.

Day in, out.

Not much changes.

The audience begins to sleep,

Not watching at all.


Then suddenly

A burst of color.

Shout of sound.

Action captures the audience.


Action isn’t always sweet.

Pain comes the same as joy.

One hit to the head.


Lights dim, stage going dark.


Swirling sounds play, perception is off.



The show must go on.


Pushing through.

Till the lights come back up,

And the chaos goes down.


The show is never quite the same.


Even with changes,

Passion can show through.

Single moments

When the lights get bright, colorful

Sounds of happiness, joy fill the air

The show improves,

Sharpening, surpassing itself.


It’s these moments that are best.

The ones remembered.

People met who dazzled,

New actors on the stage.

Accomplishments that quaked and impacted,

Superior ratings.


Life is a stage,

Live every moment,

Make it dazzle and shine.

Go out and live,

The curtain has already risen.

This year is over

Break a leg

Now, before it's closed.

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