Stage Flight

Thu, 03/07/2019 - 19:18 -- Eman44

-Practice makes perfect but always less than that for me

-Even though I do the most, and I stress more than I breath

-Excuses stack up, and my confidence takes a seat

-in the back of the room while the people sit and talking cease

-My parents are out there

-My friends are out there

-I’m in my mind scared.

-It’s an own little world with infinite realities

-All of them bother me until it’s time to sing

-My mom told me to sing.

-I did not want to see.

-‘cause what if embarrassment kills me

-What if I don’t wake up

-What if I mess up

-Will they remember

-Who I was before today

-But the crown still searches for a king

-And my friends backstage told me

-They said I got this

-Like when Apollo reached the moon, I reach the keys, the stage is space, and the soles in my shoes they are the rockets.

-So I locked in.

-I conquered stage fright and performed flawless.

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