On Stage

My feet pitter pattered as I walked towards the stage.

My hands are starting to become clammy.

I wonder, should I walk back or engage?

I’m not going onstage to get a Grammy.

But the intensity is building up,

how do I get it down?


I stand at the podium

Parents, the judges, and kids are in the crowd

I wonder if the gulp I just took was loud.

I shake as a I place my guiding paper on the podium


Suddenly, I hear my brother from the audience say, “You’ve got this.”

I lost my fear.

I received a sense of bliss.

I made sure to make my words come out precise and clear.


When I was done all, I could hear in my head was cheer.

It even made me drop a tear.

I finally accomplished something significant in my life.

I am not rife.

I have now made a step towards my future career.



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