Spread My Wings


David City, Ne
302 Elm Street
United States
42° 58' 56.2908" N, 71° 27' 47.0988" W

I'm gunna let my voice be heard

I'm gunna fly just like a bird

Open up my wings & not be afraid 

No one's gunna hear me if I stay in the shade

But this comes down to one thing

Am I gunna give up?

Am I gunna back down? 

Am I ready for this? 

Or do I need to go another round


People say I'll never become

What I truly want in life 

But let me tell you 

I'm gunna succeed 

No more put downs

I'm not gunna bleed


Trust me on this

I'll become more than what you expect

Just remember I was once wrecked

I'm healed from the hurt, scarred, but healed

I will never again need a shield 

Now I know to stand up for what I love

& that's to sing

& I know that God's watching me from above 

Helping me spread my wings 

So I can prove you wrong

I know where I belong. 


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