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I have this ability

To absorb others’ emotions.

When someone tells me a story of emotion,

an extreme moment that they felt, or feel,

I immediately feel that emotion.

Something within me cares so deeply,

so strongly,

I feel what they feel.

I absorb that emotion-

It grows within my stomach.

This is why

When you told me those things-

That I was the most wonderful woman you’d ever met

How unique I was

How special, how genuine I was.

When you told me those things

I began to feel them

I began to realize

I am beautiful

I am unique

I am special

I am me

You loved me

So I began to love me

You hurt me

But sweetheart, you healed me.


You helped me learn things about myself

You helped me love myself

And that is just the beginning

Of why I love you.


But love does not last forever

These people can not stay in your life forever

They are meant to come for some time,

When you need them most.

They help you grow

They show you what life should be

They show you what love is

They inspire you.

This love

Becomes a part of you

You give them your heart and they give you theirs


But you cannot hold their heart forever

You must give it back,

And let them give yours back

Because you cannot hold the same heart for eternity

You must let it go, let it grow, and let it be

Let it inspire you

Allow another's heart to inspire your growth,

and inspire their heart in the same way.


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