Spraying and Venting

I think whats going on in my life
Why are these things happening?
Maybe I'm too shy
Well I'm not really that pretty
I'm uncomfortable with myself

Since last year,
I've lost most of my confidence
And I cant get my head back into life
Always self concious

I know God breaks your heart
But I never knew he'd go this far
I know I've got to move on
But I don't know
It's so hard: where do I start?

I mean my friends are so pretty
And strangers always seem remind me
That I'm not that outgoing
I'm not even stunning
I'm so weird
So they skip me and talk to the prettier ones
The more passionate ones
My friends because they aren't scared to talk to anyone

Just forget the average girl
Cause she's not special
Well honestly that girl probably can't even take herself
All her family's normal
But God must of skipped her as a child
The odd man out
But none of them know that she's begging God
To please come

And help her finally accept herself

And be happy with myself

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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