Spooning with her ghost

Thu, 07/05/2018 - 04:23 -- egats

Spooning with a Ghost

She is my muse

And I never lose

The chills but I’m not afraid

Because she loves me

Jealously I only worry

What will happen when I die

And her spirit is left with no one

I love how she touches me

I love her company each night

I want her to be in my dreams when

I’m sleeping I can feel her breath

But I can’t ever look into her eyes

I can only pretend she has a hand to hold

Why couldn’t I have known?

I should have known 

I’ll have to spend my life

Wondering if she’s really there

Worry about what she will do

When my soul moves on

Why will she walk the earth forever?

She wasn’t done living

She was in pain in her body

For the want of life

Please God take her when she is ready

But for now leave her here in my arms

Where she once may have belonged

Leave her here for me to hold and behold

Spooning with her ghost

Let the angels light her path because I may not know it




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