Spoken Well in Tones to tell


Spoken Well in Tones to tell

            Over the coast

            Down to a sweet roast

            Storyteller there she is

            Blond and bright white


            Bathed in silky stripes

            Harp in hand

            Eyes made of sand

            Tranquil and vibrant


            Soothing, crisp, clean

            Life flutters to her words

            Drawings become younglings

            Trees shape into bees


            So she goes on reading

            Glossing her words

            Turning with motion

            Everybody gives notion


            Understood and believed in

            A loving smile she gives

            Those who watch, say kids

            Peace at heart


            Imagination fills the ark

            On and off the story rolls

            Down and under their clean little toes

            Coming round all in sound


            She lends a hand

            Making gestures

            For she is a storyteller

             Spoken well in tones to tell




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