The Spoiled Gift

Wed, 09/17/2014 - 22:07 -- Eyacuta

Everyday a gift is given, the chance to start anew. So why do we hide?

We can alter our appearance in any way we see fit.

   Glue is spread through my hair, finally slicked back to perfection.

We thrive on the ideal of being able to express ourselves in new ways.

   Constantly worn, crisp clean clothes cover my body as the last hope of originality is sealed with the closing of the last button.

We can alter our appearance at the drop of a hat.

   Ten long years pass, filled with this reoccurring question,

"Why do you never smile?"

We can impact the world in a positive manner for the betterment of society

   The bully tirelessly harrasses his victim in front of their peers. Faces, strewn with disgust at the  horrid sight, continue their conversations unaltered, untouched.

As humans, people, individuals, we are endowed with God-given rights which allows us the ability to live life the way we wish. So why do I hide? . . .

   A child is terrorized daily by the horrific figment of his imagination. His parents ask their son,

      "You know you can always call for help. So why not do so? Why not face it and overcome this insurmountable odd?"

   The question, at first greeted with confusion, then with an agonized expression rich with fear.

After the immensity of the reason for their son's lack of initiative had subsided, a reply is given.

      "Becuz the monstwer in my cwoset scawrd me."


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