Splattered Dreams

Martin had a dream.
And I do too...
Before his inspiring speech was sniped by the devil caliber.
He preached.
He acted.
He achieved.
Now that's dreaming big..
If he did it..why can't I?
Why should I be afraid of the man sitting behind the coward gun because he is too afraid to battle in words?
The gunman doesn't know he has three fingers pointing back at him and that's a tombstone in my book.
Martin's job was equality.
His dream was to see white folks and black folks marching down together like British soldiers.
My dream may not come close to Martin's but that's how I sure picture it.
A minority that came from nothing blossomed into the finest flower in the ditch.
Who are you to tell me what I can't achieve?
These talents that I kept hidden for so long will finally be reveled!
I will become the best musician you'll ever know!
I will become the best filmmaker you'll ever know!
I will become the best photographer you'll ever know!
Even Peter Parker won't capture pictures like me.
Why settle for a job, when my career is a switch ready to shine once I lay a finger?
I see..
Paparazzi following.
Spot light on me like..I just seen Jesus.
Contracts for millions of dollars just waiting to be signed.
Mama in Laguna beach sipping on the finest wine.
All these things I want to obtain.
And all these things will be obtained.
People may want to shoot me down for my success and that's okay.
The more the merrier.
Non supporters won't laugh at your walks, but they will pay to see you tumble.
That didn't stop Martin though.
So why should it stop me?
Before my dreams are splattered on the podium....
Just like Martin
I'm going to preach.




this is a BEAUTIFUL poem. I love this so much. this piece of poetry really speaks to me, as do many others. This piece is beautifully written.

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