Spiritual Beauty

My Beloved Mia,


Blessed we felt when we found you, in the abyss of our stars

Our wish came true, so we thought.

Nonetheless, Destruction of life is what you are.

Satisfaction you gave us, but our will you stole.

Ran like a coward, and wandered afar,

Manipulative and deceitful is what you are.

We traded our most, for a beautiful soul

Voices haunting us, with the thought of being alone.

We didn’t know what we know now, we have each other and are beautiful as well.

“I created you all, so kneel upon my throne!”

No! Cruel is what you are. We are Warriors!

We no longer live this provisional death.

Awaken our mind and spirit, we taught ourselves

Earth and its beauty shan’t please the eye.

Sense of purpose lives and we can finally fly.

Take one last breath my beloved Mia, as Rebirth comes next.


Never Again,


This poem is about: 
Our world


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